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The Bright Balloon

Jan 18, 2022

I first met Jeff at Balloon Boss Summit, where he was one of my favorite instructors because he simply knows... his... stuff! In this episode, he dishes out tons of online marketing tips... from local SEO, to website formatting, to making it easier for your customers to contact you. I took a ton more notes from our chat while editing the episode! 


And he knows the balloon decor community, too. He's been working with businesses in our niche from all over the world for about five years.


Listen in, and I'm confident you will find at least one idea for a goal or area to improve on in your business.




05:16 - About Jeff's business, Asset Lab

07:35 - What local search SEO is

13:02 - Three things you should do for your business ASAP

15:13 - Jeff's recommended number of Google Reviews before focusing elsewhere

25:13 - How you can get a report on your local competition

27:53 - Examples of good and bad ideas for your website

35:10 - Why to consider working with marketing experts




Asset Lab & a Free Search Grid Report

Havin' A Party Wholesale



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