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The Bright Balloon

Dec 5, 2023

I've already had the pleasure of chatting with Larry and Joe from Havin’ A Party, but in this episode we get to round out the trifecta and connect with Austin to hear about some exciting things coming next for this distributor family!

First, Austin takes us through the moment he made the decision to jump into the family business and how they all quickly realized that roles needed to be assigned in order for the business to operate at its highest efficiency.

Then you'll hear about the mastery they have within this industry when he tells us how they're able to supply customers' new retail stores with just the right amounts of product according to what's expected to sell in their particular region.

And did you know they actually design products in house?! I am so excited to get my hands on some of the items Austin mentions are in development and are set to be released at FLOAT!

Finally, we also talk about how they follow their values to determine which events to attend and what products to carry. This family is so genuine and it's obvious how much they want to take care of their customers. I've loved chatting with each of them and have so much respect for them all.

And from the UGlu Hotline, we get a tip for making sure your sticky items are sticky enough!



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