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The Bright Balloon

Dec 19, 2023

I am so thrilled to have Tommy & Scott of Balloons by Tommy on the show for the final 2023 interview! I've always held them in my mind as the gold standard of balloon businesses and appreciate even more how kind each of them are with their knowledge and experiences.

Tommy's balloon dreams started very young and he has never swayed from those dreams. We hear how he ran and grew his business while going to school, until Scott came along and they became this dynamic duo that started to scale rapidly. They tell us about the ups and downs they've experienced along the way as they've built their team and managed production, time away, etc.

You'll also hear what actual technologies they use to run the business, including group chats, their CRM, email management and mockups. And don't miss the tips they share about New Year's Eve bookings!

We wrap up the conversation by hearing how they plan their years, make goals for the business and think long-term about their direction. These two are clearly leaders within our industry and it was such an honor to have them on the show.

From the UGlu Hotline, we have a question about whether to use contracts in donation work. I share not only my guidelines on donating services, but also my approach for making the service happen. 



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