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The Bright Balloon

Dec 26, 2023

I'm taking a unique approach to planning the year ahead and thinking not just about my business goals, but family and personal life goals and how they all tie together.

The first planning strategy is one I saw in my Instagram feed over and over before finally clicking in to learn more. It's all about finding one thing that is going to define your year, so that you can plan your personal and work life around and for it. Then, taking the time to schedule in mini-adventures that keep your energy and focus high, and finding a few new healthy habits to try along the way. The whole idea here is that if you don't actually plan in these highlights to your year, they're far less likely to happen.

Thinking about planning finances now, I went through an exercise as a 17hats ambassador that had us do a bit of reverse engineering. It's all about finding the actual number of work days you have in the year, deciding how much you want to make and then figuring out how much you need to bring in each week or month. This approach is totally rooted in practical, numbers-based ideas and was pretty eye-opening.

Finally, the last technique is all about marketing your business. Amy Porterfield suggests pushing only one thing a quarter, and I like this because decision-making about marketing gets very easy. And the fact is, that people need to see something over and over before making a decision. So promoting the same thing for a few months is not a bad move!

Listen in for more detail on each of these strategies. I hope that at least one of them inspires you to make some plans for a memorable and profitable year ahead! And I'd love to hear what they are!!

And on the UGlu Hotline, I share some thoughts about how far to go with diversifying your service offerings... how to balance ease and streamlining with showing customers all that you can do.



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