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The Bright Balloon

Dec 6, 2022

I LOVE goal-setting, and that it gives me something to reflect back on when I'm feeling lost or confused with different choices available to me. In this episode, I'm walking you through how I've filled out the latest version of the Bright Balloon Business Planner! Including:

- what my 2022 goals were

- the symbolic upgrades that helped me reach them

- more reflection on my business

- what I'm working towards in 2023!


My 2022 goals included hitting the same total balloon sales number, but with less jobs, plus reaching 2000 email subscribers and 100,000 downloads for the podcast. It was actually really fun to work towards number-based goals that weren't sales and I'm proud to say that I reached them all!


In 2023, I'll be considering my balloon business and the podcast together for my goals. Initially, the goals sound a little vague, but when I break them down into smaller mini-goals I'll have more measurable milestones to help keep me on track.


My goals include:

- setting & keeping stronger boundaries

- making more by working less

- recycling content

- a big & scary sales goal!


I hope that by listening in you will get some sparks of encouragement for setting your 2023 goals. And I'd love to hear what they are!




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