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The Bright Balloon

Jan 4, 2024

I always love having Lilly on the show! In this episode, not only do we get to hear about some new products she has available for balloon artists, but we also chat about some best practices for Instagram, with quick and easy updates you can make while listening!

First, we talk about your Instagram bio and how to make it appealing and informative for your audience. Lilly shares her "who, where, what and how" approach for her profile setup and we chat more specifically about the "where" and "how" because this is where we see the most room for improvement in profiles.

Those things then lead us into talking about what kinds of things we should actually be posting. Lilly brought up great points about pictures vs. reels and what kind of content will make followers want to share and engage with. 

Finally, we get to hear about the exciting new products available to us in time for Valentine's Day and at FLOAT!  

And in the UGlu Hotline we get a great tip for rescuing our hands when they get damaged from the work we do. 

Thank you to PremiumConwin for sponsoring our monthly "throwback" episode!



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