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The Bright Balloon

Feb 22, 2022

I think we're all guilty of the comparison trap at times - I know I certainly am. "Look how well they're doing already when I've been doing this for years"... "There's no way I could ever make as many sales as them"... "Why is it so easy for them and not me?"...we've ALL been there!
So in this episode, I'll talk about...

Feb 15, 2022

This episode is unlike many episodes we've had before in that it is an honest conversation about the challenges we face as business owners. The pivots, the decisions, the long hours and the struggle... Amy and I talk about it all.


I really appreciate her candid comments about everything she's gone through in her...

Feb 8, 2022

You've probably heard me talk about automation before, and what a huge difference it's made in my business. Well, I like to think of batching as the root of automation. So in this episode, I'm covering 3 areas where I batch tasks in my balloon business, Wisconsin Balloon Decor.
From content, to inventory, to client...

Feb 1, 2022

This book by Denise Duffield-Thomas really connected with me. In fact, I love everything she puts out. 


Not only do I love the business mindset she encourages, but the book has tons of practical tips (like what to say in awkward pricing conversations, for example). She also does such a good job of connecting your home...