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The Bright Balloon

Feb 6, 2024

It was so nice to meet Stephany and hear about her journey to becoming a product creator! From jumping into the balloon industry after doing her child's first birthday party, to serving high-end clients internationally, she's done things few people get to do because she decided to give herself a chance.

We hear what it's like to work mostly with event planners in New York City, and how she's fortunate enough to have professional photographers at almost all of her installations. Then she shares how those event planners often request a custom color palette... which led to the creation of her Balloon Stuffer. There's no doubt that product creation is not for the faint of heart, so I give so many props to Stephany and all of those who do it!

I also ask a pretty raw question about how fellow balloon artists might feel following her Instagram, and Stephany shares some encouragement and what it was like for her to start and grow this business that has helped her find a new, powerful and unapologetic version of herself. She also shares a few great tips for getting started with Instagram reels while out on the job!

Wow, you're going to feel so encouraged after listening to this conversation - I know I sure was. Thanks, Stephany!

In the UGlu Hotline, I share my thoughts on how to prepare a booth for a wedding expo and some ideas for the actual wedding decor!



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