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The Bright Balloon

May 23, 2023

I've always lived in organized chaos - are you the same?! But what I'm beginning to notice is that the organized parts of my life (like my actual balloon storage) are making the less organized parts of my life really stand out... and sometimes in a painful way. I've decided I need to find a more consistent and systematic decluttering process, not only for the physical, but for the mental and digital stuff of life, too.

And while I'm not as concerned about the appearance of the physical clutter, I am seeing ways that it's hurting my functionality. Bit by bit, I've been losing floor space to work in. And I'm seeing how it's not only annoying to not be able to find things, but it's costing me time (and therefore money) and is also becoming somewhat hazardous.

If you need some motivation to start your own decluttering process, I'll share (again) some thoughts of Denise Duffield-Thomas. She says that it's hard to attract larger jobs if deep down, you don't feel like you can actually fulfill them. And this is exactly what keeps me motivated to follow through with my decluttering.

In the episode I also share a couple of more practical tactics I'm using to help me declutter my inventory and free up shop space... things like tracking the types of bases I use most, better storing my centerpieces, etc.

Moving on to the mental and digital decluttering... this can really get out of hand if you let it! I'm so thankful that 17hats takes care of organizing all of my customer files, but some other things that I'm focused on decluttering digitally are:

  • email & newsletters
  • my computer desktop
  • social media
  • Dropbox / Google Drive
  • phone apps

As you listen you'll hear how excited I get about decluttering this digital stuff, because it's cleared up that much mental energy for me. I can't recommend it enough!

Stay tuned on Instagram as I share the progress in my shop decluttering! And I hope this episode gives you that "permission" to finally get rid of some of those things you know you should have!




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