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The Bright Balloon

Jun 27, 2023

When Tisha started her business, she initially set out to create and curate Insta-worthy party ideas for DIY moms, but, as she describes, balloons quickly chose her as the specific type of party decor to lean into.  

Now, she's built her business up to include three part-time employees helping with inflating, install and admin work. She largely serves those looking for the over-the-top birthday parties for their kids, but, being in Las Vegas, she also gets a lot of business from bachelorette parties in the big hotels... which just may need to become its own episode!

Tisha and I also chat about the Balloon Esteem community she's building, which was sparked by Tisha's great relationships built with other vendors and other local balloon businesses. She wants to flip the script on worrying about competition and find a way for all balloon artists to lean into their craft and their superpowers while supporting one another along the way.

Balloon Esteem communities have since popped up in Texas, Ohio, California and Alaska... with more on the way! They're all about low-stress, happy vibes for balloon artists who really get what each other experience day in and day out. Plus, they're starting to do some really cool charity events as well. 

We chat some more about how to properly share the information learned through investments in classes, conventions, etc., and I love and appreciate her approach of pointing people in the right direction and acknowledging the original creator.

This was such a fun and light episode that proves, once again, how much having a community helps!

(The episode also kicks off with a great question from the UGlu Hotline about itemizing invoices, and I share my middle ground approach for billing my customers that I feel keeps things easy and leaves me some design wiggle room, too.)



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