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The Bright Balloon

Jul 26, 2022

This is one of the most unique interviews we've had yet, because Kelly will be sharing with us how she's prepared to run two balloon businesses in two different states!


I really appreciate her transparency about this process and the value she places on the quality of life as a business owner.


We talk about adding staff, adding income streams, dealing with customers on their biggest days, business relationships and more.


I'm also excited that we've already got a follow-up interview scheduled after her move because I cannot wait to hear how it goes for her.


She's graciously offered to help anyone with questions about staffing, etc. if you want to connect with her on Instagram below.


5:08 - her balloon business background

8:47 - the growth of her team and business

12:55 - how Poppin' Cleveland will run when she moves to Texas

15:30 - her approach to business competition

21:20 - how she prepared her staff for her move

28:15 - the ranges of customer service experiences

35:18 - getting ahead of the fear of growth



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