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The Bright Balloon

Aug 1, 2023

My friend Stephanie comes on the podcast for this episode and tells us all about fulfilling her dream of having a retail store. But even if retail doesn't interest you, listen in for some other great bits from our conversation that apply to all balloon business owners!

We chat about:

  • cold calling and sales
  • the mindset impact from being in Balloon Boss Mastermind
  • how to search for and select a retail location (and a landlord)
  • Balloon Planet
  • inventory management and processes
  • doing installations alongside having the retail space

It was so great to have Stephanie on the show, and she completely deserves all of the success she's creating. I know you'll feel uplifted after listening to her story and advice!

Also, this week on the UGlu hotline I answer a question about the balloon walls made out of starpoint balloons and point you towards some artists who create them really, really well!



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