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The Bright Balloon

Sep 19, 2023

Before implementing The Pumpkin Plan, I felt like I was trying to market to everybody but getting no traction. What really helped me regain my focus was finding the sweet spot within my business... and that's what this episode will help you work towards, too. (And don't miss the quiz in the show notes!)

There are three main aspects to this:

  1. finding your best clients
  2. identifying your unique offering
  3. streamlining your process

You can start by listing your clients in order of amount spent. And as you look at the list, consider whether any of those top spenders are actually difficult to work with. If so, guess what? They're no longer one of your best clients.

You can continue to work with this list, assigning "grades" to each of them, according to things like how frequently you've worked with them, how forgiving they are about mistakes, whether they've referred anyone to you, etc.

Once it's whittled down to your best 20 clients, it's time to start examining what your market niche is and how you can serve them with a unique offering!

I'm especially excited about this part of the process for the Pumpkin Plan Accelerator because we all know that sometimes we're so far in the weeds with our own business that we're not able to identify things like this for ourselves. It can really help to bring in some outside perspective; and if you really want an edge on your competition... have some conversations with your clients about their wants and needs!

It's so scary, but so worth the effort because you'll know exactly how and where to spend your energy with what you offer.

Then when you know what you're offering, it's time to systemize and streamline it. This will include doing things like delegating and automating so that you can best serve those big pumpkins with ease.

Finding your sweet spot is a fascinating, humbling and eye-opening process. There are so many resources I can share with you inside the accelerator program that will help you through each step of the way! Listen in to hear about those resources, the structure of the group and who makes a great candidate for The Pumpkin Plan process. (Doors close in 2 days!)

In the UGlu Hotline, I'm answering a question about certifications... are they worth it? When should you get certified? How hard are they? What do most people get wrong about certifications? I'm dropping thoughts on it all!



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