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The Bright Balloon

Sep 26, 2023

This interview with Alissa of Party Lane is SO exciting! I have been talking to people about this conversation since we recorded it and can't stop thinking about ways to establish more partnerships in my business. Seriously - don't miss this one, because Alissa shares how she kind of cracked the code on venue and vendor partnerships!


Before we get to that conversation, though, we also chat about business vehicle ownership, delegating tasks and how rentals have substantially changed her business. She even gives some recommendations for the best kind of rentals to consider adding to your business that factor in trends and storage space. 


Then when we start talking about the venue relationships, she blows my mind with how she has venues selling balloon packages for her! She takes us through how she got to this point of trust with her venues, how it logistically works and what types of venues have been most open to these types of relationships. I am so inspired by these ideas and can almost guarantee it'll give you some ideas, too! 


Also from the UGlu Hotline this week comes a question about partnerships, and Alissa's interview addresses so many of those questions. I will, however, add that you should avoid any kind of "trades'' as much as you can. These situations where money doesn't exchange hands have a tendency to get muddy quickly.  


Let me know... will you be reaching out to any venues in your area after hearing this interview?!




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