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The Bright Balloon

Jan 17, 2023

Social media kind of stole the hearts of business owners and left email marketing behind for a while. But now, with less and less of our social followers even seeing our posts, and businesses just disappearing into the night after being hacked, I'm all in on email marketing again this year.


In this episode I'll share the why, the how and the what about email marketing... the ripple effect it creates, a formula for growing your list and specific ideas for content.


The why:

If done consistently, email marketing will build your know, like and trust factor.


Our jobs as balloon artists is to help our customers create memories... and I consider email marketing as an extension of that. Whatever we can serve up to our customers that is in that same vein will build you so much authority.


I think of it as the ability to hand-deliver a letter to someone whose already told me they like what I do and offer. (Meanwhile, on social media, it can feel like screaming into the void and just hoping someone notices me.)


The how:

There are so many email marketing platforms out there, and a lot of them allow thousands of contacts for free. I've got a couple of platform recommendations along with the specific features I've loved in the episode.


You can also experience the process of list-building as a consumer with my free resource below, 50 Ideas for Email Marketing. Look at the process objectively to see how it works, plus use the freemium to grow your own list!


The what:

I'll be building my emails in a newsletter format, with a few blocks: a balloon content block; a personal update block; a community-building block; a block with info on a major ongoing project of mine (which is currently The Big Balloon Build); and then finally a block for promotions.


I've also created a bundle of Canva templates with those balloon content blocks that will help you get started on your email marketing journey!


Oh, and don't worry, I'm not suggesting this becomes more on your plate. I'll share with you where I'm dialing back in order to be successful with this.


So, here's to having control over our messaging and becoming community-building authorities in our areas... are you joining me?!




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