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The Bright Balloon

Sep 12, 2023

Special announcement: Enrollment for the Pumpkin Plan Accelerator opens today! (9/12/23)

I have been waiting for this episode to be released! It's an interview with my friend Emily of Utah Balloon Creations, who runs a pretty large scale business. So she knows the tools and processes that we need in our business in order to succeed.

She's coming on the show to tell us all about her Delivery & Quantity Calculators, two things that she created out of necessity for her business and that are now available to us all! I've been using the delivery calculator in my business already and it's been amazing for eliminating the guesswork out of my quotes... I can't wait for you to hear about it!

Not only will you learn about the benefits of her resources, but she also walks us through how she and her husband bought Utah Balloon Creations from its previous owner and survived the pandemic shortly after... how the business ran as they had more children... and how they've since grown to a point of having multiple employees.

But back to the calculators, you'll hear how the quantity calculator allows them to know exactly how many balloons (of each color) are needed for each design, and then how that compares to their current inventory. The calculator knows how many balloons come in the bags from our top manufacturers, too! She thought of everything while building this tool - all you need to do is plug in a few numbers and it does the rest.

Then her delivery calculator is a game-changer because it will incorporate things like rush hour, how many people are going on the delivery and your desired profitability to make sure you're not selling yourself short... all especially helpful if you've got employees sending out quotes. And for those who have newer businesses, don't miss Emily's advice on pricing for the future!

I'm so excited for us all to have access to these tools; thanks for coming on the show, Emily!

And from the UGlu Hotline: we're talking about how to get noticed by area companies you're trying to connect with. I've got ideas for both Instagram and in-person networking that might help!




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