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The Bright Balloon

Feb 28, 2023

I've had my eye on Elizabeth's designs for so long and when I saw that her husband Adam left his full-time job to work in their business, Extra Betty, I knew I wanted to bring them on the show!

Here's an overview of what we talked about!

Their business story: from laid off, to consistent growth in two years, to Elizabeth staying at her full-time job, Adam leaving his and the complex emotions that causes.

The decision to go all-in: we discovered our very similar thoughts about how the idea of "safety" in work has changed over time. How being open to the idea that there is a better way of living has changed our lives. 

The roles they play (in the business and family): who does the creative, the tech, the production and the customer service... and also how they support each other when the other is unsure how to fulfill a customer's vision. 

Their workspace: how they decided to move the workspace out of their home and where they landed. We also talk about how the space works in terms of storage and production versus retail, and how they grew their way up to having their van. (Plus, how Adam is now able to fulfill his dream of bicycling to work!) 

Their social media and resources: their entertaining reels that are more than just the latest trend, plus some awesome tutorials they've created. Follow them @extrabetty and use the link below to find it all!


This interview was so fun and I'm thrilled to have made these new friends! Thanks, Elizabeth & Adam! 


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