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The Bright Balloon

Jun 20, 2023

Flavia started her company in 2018 and has seen incredible growth ever since. Now with a fleet of vans, multiple employees and a booming business that services both the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metros, Flavia has built her company into a thriving machine that I loved learning more about.


She takes us through:

  • the progression of the hires she made
  • some awesome & unexpected things that came up from making those hires
  • her new role now that she has a team
  • some crazy (and somewhat unreal) van experiences she's had

(Seriously, you've got to listen in to hear what she's been through!)


As we wrap up the interview, I ask Flavia what her best advice is for getting started on hiring. And she delivers with some well thought out practices she's implemented with her own employees. Even though I don't think I'm meant to own a business in the same way she does, I'm encouraged by her advice to keep inching forward in terms of delegating pieces of my business.


Thanks, Flavia, for coming on the show and sharing your experiences!




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