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The Bright Balloon

Feb 14, 2023

Having gone to New York City for New Year's Eve recently, my mind was kind of blown thinking about running a balloon business in a city that has that much traffic and congestion! So Jam of Garden Place Balloons (in Queens) comes on the show to tell us about some of the ways working in a big city have impacted decisions he's made in his business.


We talk about:

  • how he outsources some of the physical labor, and is implementing automation to help him as a solopreneur
  • how he needs to schedule his decor jobs if they're in the heart of the city
  • the creation of and relationships built through The Balloon Ball (collaboration with Dolly & Eddie of @delloons, Magali of @mpballoonsdecor, Nicolle of @poparazziballoons, Shanay of @balloonsbysb, Jazzmine of @theballoonriver  and Jessie of @mommywithscissors)
  • the journey towards getting his shop just the way he wants and needs it
  • how he worked his way up to get such huge, elaborate installations
  • the difference between working directly with customers vs. event planners
  • how he utilizes his website to display his work and attract the right people


While we were chatting I was browsing his website and was totally mesmerized by some of his work! This interview was a long time coming and even if you don't do business in a large city I know you will pick up some awesome tips to implement in your balloon business.




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