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The Bright Balloon

Nov 8, 2022

Personally, I've had awesome luck running a home-based business, but I know that can't and won't always be the case. Jamie comes on the show for this episode to tell us all about her new shop, including special considerations she took in the process of getting it.


It was so fun to hear Jamie's business story again. From laid off, to every balloon popping on her first job, to now having her own shop, I know you'll find her inspiring. Listen in for some awesome motivation to take the next step with your balloon business!




00:54 - the progression of her business

06:23 - all the details about finding her shop

17:16 - the inside of her shop

22:41 - the money factor

32:48 - how her business has changed since moving in

43:35 - mindset changes since moving in




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