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The Bright Balloon

Jan 10, 2023

Elizabeth's balloon business is in Arizona and she specializes in offering custom colors for her clients. She shares with us the story of how her decor business started and the two major reasons why she took on the technique of double-stuffing (which has now become a helpful subscription for other balloon pros!).


The two major reasons she double-stuffs is to:

- preserve the design in extreme heat

- create custom colors for her clients


She tell us about the very specific color she was looking to create and how that brought her to the idea for her subscription business. Things like this subscription are exactly what I'm aiming for this year... documented steps to help my processes run smoothly over and over again!


The subscription gives you access to a library of over 100 custom colors, and new colors will be released every month. She even matches them to Pantone colors, which her corporate clients especially love because she can match their branding exactly!


We also went on to chat about tying these double-stuffed balloons, her Teachable Moments demonstration, whether balloon size or brand impacts the custom colors, what color gives the most unexpected colors when double-stuffed... and she also gives us an awesome solution for maroon!


It was clear right away that her and I have areas of innovation (as covered in The Pumpkin Plan). You've heard me say multiple times that mine is without a doubt, convenience. Elizabeth's, on the other hand, is quality, and providing that customized client experience.


We have a great conversation about how that impacts our marketing, our processes and our communication with our clients. 


I left this interview going from a non-double-stuffer to someone who is now open to incorporating it when it makes sense. A couple of her color creations are undeniably helpful! 




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