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The Bright Balloon

Mar 14, 2023

Jeff has been on the show before, but previously representing his umbrella company, Asset Lab. And some of us remember Balloon Suite from years past... well Jeff and his team have taken it under their wing, and I am so delighted to have him as a huge supporter of the show and our balloon community.


In this episode we talk about how his team can help balloon business owners move past doing business via only referral networks or social media profiles, and establish their business with a website and marketing that brings brand new leads in.


When you listen in you'll hear the wealth of experience Jeff and his team have working in our industry. Not just with websites, but SEO, ads and more. And although my tendency is to be more frugal and DIY as much as I can, I've noticed more and more over time that working with contractors like Jeff who already know the industry can make things happen so much faster.


We also talk about Grab and Go Garlands and how his team is able to incorporate scheduling platforms like 17hats within their Balloon Suite website templates. But if you aren't currently using a CRM, their e-commerce plan can make it happen, too!


Finally, Jeff gives us some great tips for our home pages, which kind of blew my mind!

  • since social media has trained us to endlessly scroll, our home pages can be set up the same way
  • address your target markets, in order of priority, as you make your way down the page
  • have a call to action for those who make it all the way down to your website footer
  • don't be afraid to narrow in on exactly the type of customer you want to work with


If you're ready to get serious with your marketing strategy, get in touch with Balloon Suite to see how they can help!


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