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The Bright Balloon

Feb 7, 2023

Jenny is the owner of Three Sparrows Balloon Studio in Ontario and has an interesting business model that I wanted to hear more about! Her balloon studio is actually a subdivision of The Fete Studio, which she owns 50/50 with her business partner Mel.


They came into the business with different strengths and interests, and continue to operate using those same strengths to this day. Jenny tells us all about:

  • why she went for a business partner instead of hiring someone
  • the details of their business setup
  • how having a business partner reminds her of the whole purpose of her business
  • the built-in time benefits of having a business partner
  • their physical workspace setup
  • how they handle the money
  • the markets they participate in that bring in sales and inspiration


We also spent some time chatting about how we each use 17hats as our CRM and how it helps us with our sales processes and communications (internally and externally).


We talk about our journeys that got us to be balloon business owners, some eye-opening moments we had along the way and events like Balloon Boss Summit that make being a balloon business owner so fun, humbling and incredibly rewarding. 


And if you're following the happenings of the Big Balloon Build I'm hosting, you might already know that Jenny is playing a major role in the build! From concept to creation, she's putting in so much time for this build and I'm so grateful. We hope to connect for another interview after it's finished, too!


It was so great to have her on the show, and I hope that if you've been considering a business partner, the experiences and knowledge she's shared will help you figure out your next step!


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