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The Bright Balloon

Jul 5, 2022

I really wasn't sure what to expect for my first experience of a Big Balloon Build, and wow, I'll admit... working on such a massive crew was pretty challenging at times since I am so used to working on my own!


But Bee was sure to keep the end goal in mind throughout the build, which helped her bring a calm presence that was much needed.


In this interview Bee and I chat about what it's like to be involved in such a massive project, and the incredible benefits of participating.


Plus, there's an exciting announcement at the end, too!



07:06 - Bee's balloon business background

12:03 - what The Big Balloon Build is (pics

15:40 - her Big Balloon Build experience abroad

20:18 - getting in the right headspace for working with a large crew

27:47 - how to get involved




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