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The Bright Balloon

Mar 1, 2022

People commonly ask me how I find the time to run my balloon business by myself, alongside my full-time job. And while I used to just take it as a compliment and go on with my day, I began to realize that those comments and questions were rooted in burnout.


So I decided I wanted to share everything I know about running a business efficiently. The Laser Focused Solopreneur is a video course that will walk you through several topics in each of the main ideas below:


L - limit

A - automate

S - standardize

E - eliminate

R - refine


Consider this course a filter that you can run your decisions through to make sure that they are working for you, your business and your life.


I sincerely hope that it will help you eliminate burnout and regain the excitement and freedom that you deserve!




06:17 - what the course is & the three main sections

07:50 - how the course name came about

09:06 - preview of the "Limit" idea

14:04 - the investment

17:25 - why this course is a GPS for your business




The LASER-Focused Solopreneur


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