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The Bright Balloon

Mar 15, 2022

Make Time, by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, is FULL of amazing quick tips (82 of them!) that you can use and try to work towards more efficient and fulfilling days.


In this episode, I'll let you know some of the things from the book that stood out to me, as well as which strategies I'm going to start using in my business and life.


I like to think of Make Time like a recipe book -  I loved how I was able to skip around to different sections without missing anything, yet I came away with so many great, practical ideas.


I'd really love for you to grab a copy and let me know which strategies feel right for you in your business!


Last thing - if you're in the Patreon, I'm thinking about trying something and I explain it more at the end of the episode... I'd love your feedback!




5:00 - framing your day

6:40 - their take on LASER

8:35 - the "infinity pool"

11:00 - maintaining your energy

13:00 - which strategies I'll be implementing




The LASER-Focused Solopreneur

Make Time

Havin' A Party Wholesale




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