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The Bright Balloon

Aug 16, 2022

There are so many points in your business where it feels like you need to wait for permission to take the next step... to buy the van... to move out of your home location, etc.


But sometimes you just need to go for it! In this episode, Melody and I talk about the ways that just going for it and figuring things out along the way have helped us grow our businesses in ways we couldn't really have predicted.


We talk about fear, being honest with yourself, unexpected hurdles and so much more.


She also shares the details of her education platform, Foxx Creative Share.


Listen in for some inspiration on taking a courageous step forward in your business!




04:08 - about Melody's balloon business

09:29 - there are so many right ways to do things

19:46 - about the Foxx Creative Share platform

30:14 - making adjustments as you go




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