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The Bright Balloon

Oct 4, 2022

Money Personality Quiz

I have absolutely fallen in love with learning about money mindset and money personalities lately! In fact, I feel like I've gained this superpower that helps me understand myself, my business, my customers and the people around me in a whole new way.

In this episode, I'm sharing with you what the 8 different money personalities (or archetypes) are, my own archetypes and how I see them playing out in my business… good and bad. 


2:50 - how I learned about money archetypes & what it's all about

4:18 - how to find your money archetype

6:55 - the 8 archetypes and their strengths

20:52 - figuring out how your top money archetypes work together

23:56 - my top 3 archetypes and what they mean for my business and life

36:50 - upcoming workshops to help you lean into your money strengths




Money Personality Quiz

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Asset Lab


The LASER Focused Solopreneur

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