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The Bright Balloon

Feb 22, 2022

I think we're all guilty of the comparison trap at times - I know I certainly am. "Look how well they're doing already when I've been doing this for years"... "There's no way I could ever make as many sales as them"... "Why is it so easy for them and not me?"...we've ALL been there!
So in this episode, I'll talk about six different areas of business where we tend to compare ourselves, and then help you think through some things that you might be missing when all you see are the Instagram highlights.
I really hope that this episode will help you shift your focus to the things that you want to accomplish in your business that will make you feel proud.


06:52 - finances: sales and debt

09:52 - staffing

11:13 - the long-term plan of a business

12:20 - what's happening behind the scenes

13:52 - booked up and busy

17:08 - how businesses get started




Havin' A Party Wholesale

Asset Lab

The LASER-Focused Solopreneur

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