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The Bright Balloon

Aug 9, 2022

In this episode I'm looking back on my attempt at the "red x month", and let me tell you... because I wasn't as busy, it gave me some time to really sit down and analyze how I felt about my business and what I wanted it to be.


Then I also suddenly realized that instead of a "red x month", I was actually implementing an approach I read about years ago, from one of my favorite authors. It didn't apply to my business at the time, but now I'm so excited to dive into "The Pumpkin Plan" next.


Listen in hear about how this experiment went and how you can join me in the next one!




02:55 - How it went and what I learned

09:19 - What it did to my money mindset

16:51 - What I'd change if I did it again

19:37 - An interesting thing that started happening

24:20 - What I realized I was actually doing instead

33:43 - Coupon for your feedback!




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