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The Bright Balloon

Nov 29, 2022

I love automation and figuring out ways that technology can save me time. I would actually estimate that the mix of platforms I'll be telling you about in this episode save me 5 hours of work a week!

It can definitely be a process to implement some of these, but knowing what kind of freedom is at the end of it really does make it worth it. I just know that having these automations is what has allowed me to be such a lean business for so long, and I promise you, there is something you are doing that you don't have to be doing.

In this episode, I'll be chatting about these tools and tasks that make up the automations in my business:


17hats: I use this for every single aspect of my service business

- inquiry form & auto-response

- invoice reminders

- delivery reminder

- Grab & Go scheduling & booking


Zapier: helps your tech platforms talk to each other

- published podcast episode automates an Instagram post as well

- new course customer gets added to my email list

- new 17hats contact gets added to a list

- new money quiz takers get added to my email list


Jasper AI: artificial intelligence copywriter

- improves balloon picture captions

- improves your "about" section

- helps with SEO


Website: allows people to get information about my business

- it's available 24/7

- directs people to the information they were looking for & Canva: scheduling my social media

- is great for photo dumping & scheduling

- Canva is for creating graphics & scheduling

- Canva will also allow you to share templates as links & view - only links

- make QR codes in Canva, too


I'd love to hear if you've got any others that I could experiment with!




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