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The Bright Balloon

Jul 9, 2024

I’ve felt my business grow over the past couple of years, but there have also been some life changes that kind of made things feel a little out of whack. So in this episode, I share how I’m trimming the “fluff” and tuning up my business by going back to the basics!

This process is actually inspired by my...

Jul 4, 2024

Travis and I purchased our marquee letters from the same vendor at about the same time, and in this episode we share our thoughts about the upsides and downsides of owning marquees.

We start with all the good things about our marquees, including:

  • How they help us land more corporate and convention jobs
  • How they’re a...

Jul 2, 2024

My guest in this episode is very familiar with the balloon industry and has become hugely helpful to me as I've needed graphic design elements in my business. Emily of The Party Method helps event decorators fulfill their customers' requests with custom backdrops and other printed products!

In our chat you'll hear about...

Jun 25, 2024

I felt like we were overdue for an episode about AI, so in this one I'm sharing how I've used it, where to find it, and how it can help your business... including something that has been a total game-changer for me!

To be honest, I kind of feel like AI is becoming a bit of a buzz word that doesn't always apply as...

Jun 18, 2024

In this interview I'm chatting with Alexis, the founder of Fanfaire, about her new platform aimed to help us sell our balloon decor options by bringing designs to life. It was really exciting to learn about her product and how it came to be!

You'll hear about her background in both tech and balloons, then she'll dive...