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The Bright Balloon

Jan 9, 2024

Tabitha and I met randomly at FLOAT years ago when each of us were brand new to the balloon decor industry and both currently working as face painters. It's been so neat to see our businesses grow in their own ways (and in similar ways) since then. In this interview, Tabitha talks about some of that growth, but also the logistics of her legendary sorority install.

First, we talk about how we both relocated our families to give room for our booming balloon businesses, and the inspiration that got us there. Then we move on to talk about her staff and the roles they play. She's set up a super impressive production system that gives each of them clear roles in the process.

When we move on to chat about her sorority builds, you'll hear about the level of planning and surprise that's involved! Tabitha shares with us a big lesson she learned about pricing in the process because sometimes these huge jobs don't just multiply the level of work, they can actually exponentially increase it.

Tabitha rented a storage space specifically for these sorority builds and tells us how that relationship has since benefitted her business, too. Huge kudos to her, her team and those who came in to help for this event! If you're interested in joining the experience this year, stay tuned to their Instagram as the details are worked out.   

And in the UGlu Hotline this week, there's a tip for creating free-standing arches when you're otherwise working with a difficult installation surface.



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