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The Bright Balloon

Oct 17, 2023

What an honor to have an interview with one of the major manufacturers for you this week! Allison of Tuftex comes on the show to tell us how she got into the balloon industry, how they make theirs, what's next for the company AND she answers a few of your questions submitted through Instagram!

You probably won't expect what type of career she transitioned from before owning and operating Tuftex. She tells us all about the learning curve she experienced and how they shifted from serving mainly helium, corporate needs to serving balloon decor businesses.

We recall the FLOAT convention where they introduced their first collection of natural colors, and she tells us about how they shifted their model entirely when the color game started to change. I found these business stories and decisions so fascinating!

Then when we get to the listener questions, we hear about the Tuftex Experience, a new color portfolio coming out next year, how they come up with (and actually create) colors and what she believes are their best colors.

Allison is so honorable and humble in what she and Tuftex do for our industry. Not only do they provide us with gorgeous colors for our work, but you'll hear about several other events they're supporting as well. Thanks, Allison!

And from the UGlu Hotline this week, I share a tip that was given to me about knot lamps!



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