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The Bright Balloon

Oct 24, 2023

I first connected with Shelby at the Glow Retreat I hosted this past summer and after learning about some of the extra things she needs to factor into her pricing and availability due to being a single parent, I knew I wanted to bring her on the show to elaborate on the perspective. Even if you're not a single parent, some of these thought processes will definitely still apply to anyone with young kids!

We talk about the level of scheduling detail needed to make sure everything is in order for her to get out to her jobs (or travel for conventions, etc.). Then we get to talking about her booking policies and how she's developed a way for her to know exactly what each item costs to make so that she can work up from there to set her minimums.

Shelby and I also talked about how the Profit First cash management system has helped each of us understand what's truly available to spend and how to be sure we're taking care of ourselves financially. She shares what her next big goal is and what kind of impact it would make on her situation.

Being a single parent can certainly not be an easy thing, but it seems to be a serendipitous way to actually enforce policies! In the end, this conversation re-opened my eyes to how everyone's situation is different and there just isn't any point in playing the comparison game. We're all business owners, but we're also all people with other things going on in our lives!

And from the UGlu Hotline this week, there's a question about the amount of detail to include on invoices. Just the full amount? Broken down by item? And how do I price add-ons like foils, greenery, etc.? Listen in for my approach!



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