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The Bright Balloon

Oct 31, 2023

We all have those situations from time to time where we forget an installation tool on the job, or we misunderstand the setup location. But in today's episode, I'm sharing some of my top balloon horror stories that were kind of nightmare situations.

First, I'll take you through what happened when I missed a job entirely! There were a number of things that went wrong in this case but mainly, I learned that when I work outside of 17hats for my bookings things are more likely to get mixed up. I also had to remember some advice I heard at FLOAT years ago... that sometimes all you can do is try to make it right, and then move on.

Thankfully, in this case, the story does have a happy ending and you'll hear what changes I've made since this experience.

My next story, unfortunately, does not have a happy ending and it still haunts me. Normally I feel like I can identify my high-maintenance clients right away but I missed this one... and of course it was a bride. She had me working with a color scheme I would have never recommended and after I completed the installation I got a call from the venue manager to let me know that the bride hated the balloons so much they took the garlands down!

I got some great advice for this situation as I waited for this horrific call the next morning... except that I actually ended up seeing the bride instead! I'll tell you about my conversation with her and how I was sure to connect with the venue manager to maintain a good reputation with them. But unfortunately, this situation didn't end after these conversations. Listen in to hear about the email I got, what I did to craft a reply I was super proud of and what I'm going to be sure to do with wedding jobs in the future.

I hope you find this episode comforting, perhaps relatable and maybe even a little bit funny. Looking forward, just know that horror stories are bound to happen the longer you're in business, so you might as well consider them a right of passage, do your best to make it right and move on.

 And from the UGlu Hotline we get a cool tip about connecting greenery to your balloons!



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