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The Bright Balloon

Feb 1, 2024

Last time Ali was on the podcast, she was still operating as a home-based business with very little help in terms of employees. Now, she's rocking her business out of a warehouse with a fleet of vehicles, but unfortunately has experienced some difficulties in hiring the right staff. We'll hear about some of those difficulties she's faced, and also:

  • how her vehicles and warehouse have dramatically changed the way they can do business
  • how the warehouse shifted the entire mindset about their operation
  • what it's meant to her to have balloon friends lend a helping hand when needed
  • how her past work experiences have contributed to her success as a balloon artist
  • how teaching impacts her business plan
  • whether she does any classic decor
  • what's in the future for Charming Garlands!

I really appreciated Ali's openness and honesty in this conversation and wish her the best in finding the staff she needs to accomplish her business dreams!

In the UGlu Hotline, I answer a question about using adhesives on outdoor surfaces.

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