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The Bright Balloon

Feb 13, 2024

I've heard the reasons that you're not sending newsletters to your customers... why you don't think it works... how you're afraid of the unsubscribes... and how you're not even sure where to start, so in this episode I'm aiming to eliminate those objections so that you can experience the kinds of benefits I've had from email marketing.

First, a little tough love for the objection that "it doesn't work, because I always delete all the emails I get". I disagree! Sure, some emails might be an automatic delete, but I know there are some you click into. Think about why and this will help you think about how you can become the company that is an automatic open.

Next I'll talk about the fear of getting unsubscribes. The thing is, not doing something because you're afraid of people not liking the thing that you're not doing... it just doesn't make sense. Isn't it better to connect with those who would love to hear from you? Listen in to hear how I've changed my mindset around getting unsubscribes.

Now when we think about the cost associated with email marketing, I have some more friendly pushback and share what kind of response I got from my last newsletter... including sales numbers. It's very easy to see how a small investment in a platform makes you your money back.

Then, the only objection that I can get behind: "I don't know what to send". I get it! But I'm confident that with 30 focused minutes thinking about what kind of value you could give your customers through email, you could have an entire year planned out. I share a few ways to jumpstart this planning session in the episode.

Next I chat about the objection of who to send newsletters to. I promise you that you have previous customers who are cheering you on and want to see you succeed. Start there! Then work towards getting new leads excited to join your email list by offering some kind of free download.     

The last piece of the email marketing puzzle is the tech. If you're ready to reap the benefits of email marketing but feel overwhelmed by the tech, join me for a webinar March 6, 2024, simply by grabbing the 50 email marketing ideas download below. That will get you on my email list where I'll be sharing the registration link.

As you'll hear, I'm pretty passionate about email marketing and I'd love to help you finally tackle this thing that's probably been on your to-do list for quite a while!

And in the UGlu Hotline this week, I share how I decided to make the switch from face painting to balloon decor and why I may go back to it one day.



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