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The Bright Balloon

Feb 15, 2022

This episode is unlike many episodes we've had before in that it is an honest conversation about the challenges we face as business owners. The pivots, the decisions, the long hours and the struggle... Amy and I talk about it all.


I really appreciate her candid comments about everything she's gone through in her business. From running a huge retail location, having employees on payroll, hitting multiple six-figures in sales to dialing back on hours, employees and availability.


If you find yourself struggling with what direction you want to take in your business, hearing about Amy's path might very well give you some clarity (maybe even courage) on where to go next.




4:30 - How Amy got started with balloons in 2009

8:05 - How payroll costs affected her business, and the shift she made as a result

13:05 - Her long-term plan

19:30 - Brainstorming a possible transition out of the former retail shop

25:10 - Recommended resources for self-reflection




Havin' A Party Wholesale

Amy's YouTube Diary: My Balloon Shop Life




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