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The Bright Balloon

Mar 26, 2024

Dolly & Eddie of Delloons almost need no introduction. So many of us follow their great creations on social media and today, they come on the show to tell us what it's like to work in their business together as a couple, and all about the rebranding process they went through. The good, the bad and the ugly, they share a lot of insightful and relatable things about their journey that you don't want to miss.

We get to hear about how their business brought them back together, what kind of position they hired for first, how Eddie has recently joined Dolly full time in the business and how they made the decision that Dolly could leave her job to expand the business in the first place. They also share how they've set boundaries around their work together to make sure they're able to keep focus on the job at hand - important for not just couples, but colleagues, too!

When we get to chatting about the rebrand, we'll hear why the change was needed and how many Instagram followers they had when they decided to make the change. They share a great tip in terms of rebranding on Instagram, how they shared the news with their customers and how sales went after the change. They had a very intentional approach to the rebrand and it clearly worked!

Some other things from our conversation include:

  • what type of decor is one of their most consistent sellers
  • their philosophy around teaching & humanizing their brand
  • the little things that add up
  • customer service
  • email marketing

It was so nice having these two on the show!

And in the UGlu Hotline, I answer a question about my preferred tools for outdoor installs.



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