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The Bright Balloon

May 24, 2022

Alissa of Twee Partees actually runs her shop out of my hometown, so this episode was extra fun to record! We talk about her new pop-up retail space and all the plans she has for it... inventory, shop aesthetic and more.


But even if you run your business out of your home, listen in for some fun business-building ideas that come up in our conversation. I think we'd both love to hear if you go for any of them!


Follow Alissa's pop-up shop journey this summer by connecting with her on Instagram below.




05:19 - how Lissa got her free retail spot

09:00 - the hours, staffing & inventory for her shop

15:12 - what benchmarks she's using to decide if she should stay 

17:26 - her recommendations for making the best of your work space

28:55 - the pop-up shop trend




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