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The Bright Balloon

Oct 26, 2021

Based on the questions that I get most, this episode is a rapid fire listing of all the things I use to run my business, from website, to invoicing, to social media and even inventory.


I also offer up:

- my favorite analogy for understanding how all the tech pieces work together

- some food for thought on why you should consider implementing similar systems as your business grows

- a hint at some additional resources I have planned for you!


Hopefully this episode will help you fill in any gaps that might be in your balloon business! I also have a Cliff's Notes version of this episode available for download.


If you find this podcast helpful, I'd be honored if you considered becoming a Patreon.

And as always, thanks to our show sponsor, Balloon Coach, and the Balloon Boss Mastermind.



02:35 Google products (Google Workspace)

03:09 Website (Wix - learn how to publish your website in a weekend)

03:36 Contact form & my 17hats CRM (customer relationship management system)

04:30 Payment processing (Square) & bookkeeping (Quickbooks Online)

07:20 Social media

09:30 Inventory

11:27 Training

12:15 Inflaters

15:26 Graphics (


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