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The Bright Balloon

Nov 2, 2021

In this episode I chat with Nicole, my first hire, about what kinds of things you can do to improve your customer experience... that don't require more balloon skills. 

And bonus - many of these suggestions free up your mental space, too!

Listen in to hear our suggestions and what resources we have for you that can meet you wherever you're at in your business.


01:12 How Nicole and I met and started working together

02:36 The first thing you can focus on

04:06 Some frustrating buying experiences we hope you never impose on your customers

06:00 How to keep each job moving along smoothly

08:07 Our streamlining resources

13:45 What you can look forward to by setting up new systems

16:34 Cool tools & features within the 17hats CRM



Customer booking working & templates from The Bright Balloon

17hats service packages from Let Nicole Help