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The Bright Balloon

May 31, 2022

I've been hearing about the idea of "red x month" for a while now and have been wondering how and when I would be able to try it. Then when I noticed my July calendar was somewhat setting me up for the experiment, I knew I had to go for it!


In this episode, I'll walk you through:

- what it is

- how I'm implementing it

- why I feel compelled to try it

- what steps you can take to make one of your own happen

- the challenges involved

- what I'm looking forward to by trying it


Follow along on Instagram as I give some updates on how it's going! And tell me... do you think you'll go for it?!




02:21 - my initial reaction to the idea

06:16 - the rules I've set for myself in this experiment

09:20 - how much is enough?

14:49 - what steps you can take to implement your own "red x" time

20:57 - what I'm excited about with this experiment




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