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The Bright Balloon

Jun 7, 2022

It was such a complete privilege to interview Amanda Rae, COO of 17hats, for this episode! We talk about all things owning a business... customer service, mindset, mental clutter and growth. She also solves a current problem of mine in real time!


I always say, 17hats is my employee of the month, every month and this episode will let you in on why that's the case. 


Even if you don't use the platform I know you'll hear some nuggets that will help you clarify your processes and improve your relationships with your customers.


Thanks so much to Amanda Rae for taking the time to be on the podcast!




03:22 - the 17hats development story

11:52 - where to start with a CRM

18:27 - mental clutter, focusing on your passion & going for it

23:21 - figuring out your processes & how they change over time

34:44 - underutilized features

44:55 - investing in your clients




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