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The Bright Balloon

Feb 8, 2022

You've probably heard me talk about automation before, and what a huge difference it's made in my business. Well, I like to think of batching as the root of automation. So in this episode, I'm covering 3 areas where I batch tasks in my balloon business, Wisconsin Balloon Decor.
From content, to inventory, to client communication... I'm sharing with you exactly how and when I batch each aspect. I'll also share whose systems I've adapted and tell you about the decisions and limitations I've implemented along the way to get to this place.
I hope you'll grab one tip from this episode and take a look at your own business to see if you can make any small improvements!
(I'm also so excited that my course, The Laser-Focused Solopreneur, is coming together, and inside, I'll be demonstrating these exact processes... stay tuned!)



03:06 - batching your content (social media, newsletters, etc.)

11:13 - batching your ordering & inventory

17:54 - batching your client communication



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