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The Bright Balloon

Nov 9, 2021

*Apologies for the audio quality in this episode. Improvements coming soon and the interview is worth the listen!


In this episode, I talk with Erin of the Young and Wild Balloon Co. about how a custom color chart can help your balloon business run more smoothly.


We each use ours differently, too! Listen in to hear how we use them and how it has reduced stress in each of our businesses.


We also end up talking a bit about making our first hires and making friends in the business.


Big thanks to Erin for sharing your experience and this super helpful resource!



02:47 How the color chart came to be

04:23 How to use our new color chart resource & what's included

06:15 How Erin uses her color chart and how it makes her life easier

07:48 How I use my color chart

11:56 Another thing Erin inspired me to do

14:55 An Instagram tip we got from another business balloon owner, Mallory

16:41 How and why you should connect with other balloon business owners

24:29 How my color chart helps my inventory process

25:01 A preview of what next week's episode is about



Custom Color Chart | Multi-Brand




41. Making your first hire | Erin from young and Wild Balloon Co. 

59. Three ways you can stand out | Streamlining your customer experience