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The Bright Balloon

Jan 16, 2024

For this episode, we're going to go back in time and I'll share how I would have started my balloon business knowing what I know now. After about 8 years in business, I've seen how I've gotten lucky, what I've screwed up and where I overthought. And while I don't think there's any one "right" way to start a business, I do think the order in which I'm going to go through things is probably the easiest.

Here's the high-level overview:
  • plan your business name
  • get a free email account
  • set up your own photo shoots
  • get your Instagram and Facebook profiles set up
  • create a form so that people can contact you
  • get networking and seek out your customers
  • seek out groups and education
  • create a website
  • register your business and get insurance
  • set up your business finances
  • set some long-term goals

So there you have it! The basic building blocks for a very solid business foundation if you're starting from scratch or are fairly new. I hope this episode has helped you learn what to focus on, and what things can wait.

And in the UGlu Hotline, we get some ideas for warming up your UGlus so that they can properly stick in the cold!



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