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The Bright Balloon

Dec 7, 2021

I came away from the Balloon Boss Summit so motivated about 2022, but didn't feel like I had a great way to track my goals and plans for the year. A lot of other planners I found were way too intense for what I was looking for, yet I knew I needed to get my goals in writing to keep me focused.


So I went for it and made my own planner that will help me not only set great goals, but figure out a plan for getting there, and provide me with some evidence as to why I did or did not meet the goals when next December rolls around.


I really hope The Bright Balloon Business Planner can help you set up a clear path to your 2022 goals, too! 



05:20 - Goal tracking & how to set goals in a way that makes them accomplishable

08:18 - Tracking your business stats

11:32 - Business growth ideas 

13:01 - Calendar & Expense Audit



The Bright Balloon Business Planner (print on demand and digital versions)

Bright Balloon Business Planner



53. Set It Up September | Calendar Audit

23. Start Your Year With a Calendar Audit


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