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The Bright Balloon

May 3, 2022

One of my pet peeves as a consumer is a lack of communication by service providers... don't be that service provider!


Even without a CRM, there are ways to save email or message templates that will help you move your decor requests along smoothly, while still being friendly and personal.


In this episode, I share five of my top-recommended templates... two of which often turn into sales!


Take a listen and if you're in need of help in this area, check out the download in the show notes.



03:26 - packed up auto-responder

05:47 - letting them know you're available

08:12 - letting them know you're not available

10:05 - suggest a Grab & Go instead

11:35 - the breakup template




Customer Booking Workflow and Templates

Havin' A Party Wholesale



The LASER Focused Solopreneur

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